Lobby-Park Hyatt Melbourne Blofeld Industries foyer

Geneva HQ foyer

Founded by the late Ernst Stavro, this multinational finances a vast range of projects and subsidiaries, running the gamut of morality and legality. Its highest profile involvement, of course, is with philanthropic and charitable pursuits. No one outside the company can say exactly how much, or even what, the company ultimately owns. It is rumoured that the lawyers' lawyers have - outsourced.

Cats are no longer de rigueur for upper management (or aspiring high-fliers), and there are no shark pools etc. on the building schematics.


  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld's coat-of-arms




Joe Cleaner

TALK – 08:59, December 21, 2012 (UTC)

"Hi. I'm here about the glitch in surveillance recording. David Erber, at your service. Could you point me in the direction of your Maintenance division?