Hi, My name is Fang.


Name: Hayden Smart

Citizenships: American and Canadian

Title: Hacker

Strengths: I can withstand physical punishment. I am an excellent hacker. I know a bit about robots.

Weaknesses: I am an emo/goth/punk. I was punched in the face for 13 years of my life for being smart. I am too much of a bookworm.

History: My name is Hayden 'Fang' Smart. I lived in Seattle, with one parent American, and one Canadian. Both were abusive. I began to believe that I was worthless. I was still sent to school, however, because my parents wanted to make money off my brain. When I went there, I was taunted and tortured, physically. My life became my computer. I was called Fang because of my uncanny ability to bite everyone's head off, and my love of the book series Maximum Ride, and the character Fang. I am currently an associated hacker- with MI6.

Codename: Fang

Weapons: My fists? My smart-aleck mouth?

Possible Restricted Ability: Well, I put up with being punched in the face for 13 years, didn't I? So I'd say iron will.