A 'cleaner' and (seemingly former?) wetwork specialist, available to any and all (who haven't contravened his eclectic and unwritten code) for the right price. This is merely a nom de guerre, but his original identity has been expunged from every known database, and there is no one both breathing and talking about it. His preferred aliases include Eddie Guerrero, John Nahod and Sylvester Smythe.

He has a very clear (to him) code of ethics, causes no unnecessary loss of life (by his own definition), and if someone 'did [him] a solid' they cannot be killed, though they can be touched - painfully. He holds individuals, not the organizations they claim to represent, responsible for intel - and any unanticipated complications.


5' 5 1/2" (1.66 m) and 143 lbs (65 kg) - rangy build.


Generally minimal - nothing has acknowledged sentimental value. Under normal circumstances, always has at least two blades and a set of lockpicks about his person, along with a 3G burner smartphone. He has a number of buried caches, of course, and several password-access Swiss accounts.

Somewhere safe, there is a single, small briefcase, with the one known picture of his family, although no one else has seen it and lived.


Will only use a blade once - always disposes of it afterwards.
The only Hallowe'en costume he's ever been known to don was Rorschach from Watchmen (2009).
Now terms a mission a success only if there were zero unanticipated collateral kills.
Believes in "every human being's right to be tortured democratically", and will often offer potential victims a choice of torture forms.
Considers killing, when not in self-defense or as an elimination protocol, inelegant, and prefers to neutralize opponents - as, for him at least, today's enemy may be tomorrow's employer.
Seeks out missions on major holidays regularly.
He has a clear, often idiosyncratic usage of certain terms.
It appeals to his sense of humor to have taken a 'nom de guerre' once used by the Hulk in comic books.


"We all have our blind spots, brah. There was this girl in Osaka . . . 'Nuff said."
"If I show up on your doorstep . . . chances are you did something to bring me there."


  • Considers Carter Baker 'a complete waste of skin', but, atypically, appears to have no plans to harm him.
  • Has an almost fraternal 'give-and-take'/oneupmanship thing going on with Oz.
  • There is profound mutual respect with Stepan Gregorovitch Novykh. Each has on at least two recorded occasions saved the other's life.