Solid - A favor received which Fixit considers gives the donor immunity (from being killed anyway) around him.

Dude - Someone whom Fixit feels might be, one day, worthy of a modicum of respect.

Bro/Sis - A person who has earned a degree of Fixit's respect.

Brah - Someone Fixit considers essentially an ally - three known examples total to date, including Stepan Gregorovitch Novykh.

Cold - A motivation or action which contravenes his personal code, usually inflicting excessive pain.

Not cool - A slight which mandates rapid, clear repayment.

So not cool - The performer is, in all probability, in the immediate vicinity of their last meal.

Exactamundo - When someone else finally catches up with a thought he outlined previously.

Them's the breaks - A scenario which plays out as Fixit predicted, against the desires/expectations of others.

Know when to fold'em - Fixit's prelude to walking away from a scenario which has become non-viable.

Lich - Someone in the intel community who is taking credit for kills they didn't make.

Contractor - One, like Fixit, with an intel community skill set, but working freelance.

Vendor - A 'contractor', but one whose word cannot, inherently, be relied upon, changing loyalties with great regularity.

Ghoul - A contractor with whom Fixit has personal animosity (and therefore unlikely to enjoy a long life).

Shadow - A former spook, now retired or, in Fixit's opinion, off his/her game.

Flatline - A former intel operative who, for stress or personal reasons, quit the business while at the top.

Old hand - A retired or at least no longer field active operative, but still with a skill set to be respected.

Markov - A clean, public kill, with no witnesses and no one any the wiser, until too late.

Game over - A one-time target with whom Fixit refuses to re-engage for personal/moral reasons.

Leaf in a forest - Multiple kills, in order to disguise the identity of the true target. Fixit will no longer run these, on moral grounds.

Blitzing linebackers - Creating a public stampede, or similar, to facilitate ingress/egress at the target location.

That's the way they make you - An unforced error of the kind/caliber which leads to identification.

Upside - Non-material profit to an elimination.

Bad egg - An acquaintance who will no longer have earthly concerns after their next meeting.

Heads-up - As much warning as his professional integrity will permit him to give, but usually, in his own assessment, a sporting chance

Coll - Collateral kill, now largely unacceptable to him.

Five by five - Completely, positively resolved scenario, with no obvious potential for future grief.

Aces and eight - A lose/lose scenario, with reference to the infamous "dead man's hand".

Spin - A situation with indeterminable variables. Flat spin - as preceding, but caused by current interlocutor.

All these are obviously in addition to the standard cant.

Superman edited to Five for Fighting

Superman edited to Five for Fighting