Here is where the man who puts the boffo in 'boffin' usually lurks when not actively needed for some new disaster of the 00s' making. Normally (four-dimensionally) inactive, this particular location can, in a jiffy, deploy defences which make it the most violently secure place in the building, assuming you're on the guest list.

Qs then and nowEdit

  • The progenitor
  • A later incarnation
  • The current incumbent

The current QEdit

After 007 mocks the Quartermaster for his youthful appearance, the squint hazards that he "can do more damage on his laptop in his pyjamas than 007 can do in a year in the field." Commenting on 007's usefulness to MI6 he admits that "every now and again a trigger needs to be pulled." 007 quips, "Or not pulled. It's hard to know which in your pyjamas." The two formally acknowledge one another and exchange a friendly handshake, a mutual respect between the pair forming.

He then hands 007 his new field equipment: a biometrically-encoded Walther PPK (coded to Bond's palm-prints) and a radio transmitter for tracing Bond's whereabouts in the field. 007 is rather underwhelmed by his new equipment, causing Q to retort "Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don't really go in for those anymore."

Q's gadgetsEdit

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